It was about this time of the year, but 10 years ago, when I started my little petsitting business Paws, Wings & Fins.
I was advised to get a business license for only six months because people thought I would never make it! Who would ever hire a petsitter to come to the house?!?!? Silly idea!

Well, here I am… TEN YEARS later and still going strong. There certainly were some ups and downs and some hiccups on the way but I tell you what else…I met the most wonderful pet owners I could ever ask for and 100’s of dogs and cats, guinea pigs, lizards, chickens, sheep, turtles, snakes, goats, horses, pigs, turkeys, exotic birds, fish, donkeys, mice, ferrets, sugar gliders, and a cow. I had to bid goodbye to several of my animal customers but I have also been present to welcome new ones. I have learned so much and there are so many funny stories that I’m considering writing them down one of these days…

I wanted to thank all of you for believing in me, for giving me a chance, for the opportunity to grow, for your friendship, for your trust, and – at times – for your patience. I value every single one of my customers, whether they’ve been with me for the last ten years or just recently met me. I truly love my work!

I hope that I will be able to continue loving your pets and giving you peace of mind for many more years to come.